Debut Post

Hi, Jo here with a quick introduction to this blog.

I am visually impaired and am fortunate to share my life with my second Guide Dog. Wiley.

Wiley and I have been working together for almost five months, it has been a wonderful few months and I thought it might be nice to share some of our adventures with family, friends and anyone else who wants to read.

Wiley is a beautiful black lab and is a little over two years old. He is a great Guide Dog,that is very focused when he is in harness and working, but he also loves his down time. Wiley enjoys playing fetch and hide and seek. He is an avid chewer and likes nothing better than munching on his nylabones or deer antler, especially if I smear a little peanut butter on it as a treat.

Like most labs Wiley is very fond of food, this is great as it is easy to reward him for a job well done but I am very mindful of not letting him overeat. At the moment he is nice and fit and trim and I want to keep him that way.

I am lucky to live close to a beautiful nature reserve with good dirt tracks that I can navigate using my long cane. This means each morning Wiley gets to enjoy a recreational walk, with lots of interesting smells and sights. I like to give him a chance to enjoy a social walk as when he is in harness and working he has to concentrate and exhibit great self control. That means not being distracted by people, food, interesting smells or other dogs.

Well that is probably enough for now, Wiley and I have to head off to the shops before it gets too hot.

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