Xmas Eve & Hot Days

Wiley is very excited as he knows he has been a very good dog this year so Santa Paws is sure to drop by with a gift or two tomorrow.

We have had a few days of hot weather, so have been heading out extra early (around 5AM) to have a nice long recreational bush walk before it heats up. There are lots of kangaroos out at that time of day. Wiley has never tried to chase them but now barely glances at them as he is so used to seeing them.

Wiley gets at least two recreational walks each day, he has a special collar and lead for these walks so he knows he is allowed to sniff and doesn’t have to guide me. I use a long cane and we always walk in nice safe places.

Being a black dog Wiley doesn’t seem to enjoy the really hot days. I keep any guide work to a minimum on those day, and always have a bowl and lots of water with me. I have bought him a cool coat, which you soak in water and is quite effective in keeping him cool.

He has a cool mat for use at home and a cooling bandanna for when it is warm but not really hot enough to use his coat. I make sure I have this with me at all times during summer just in case it warms up while we are out and about.  

Well time to head out for a wee walk (as we live in a unit I take him out frequently during the day so he can relieve himself).

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