Happy New Year

With a new year beginning I can’t help but reflect on the year that has been. There is no doubt 2012 was a wonderful year for me.

In January I moved into my own home. Since my marriage breakdown I had been staying with my parents while I waited for my new unit to be built. I love my parents but I much prefer living by myself. My new place is only small, but it is in a great location, and close to a wonderful nature reserve with good trails that Wiley and I enjoy every morning. It is brand new and set up so things are easy for me. Appliances have tactile markers, it is sparsely furnished, easy to move around and everything has a place to live so is easy to find.

The highlight of my year was being matched with Wiley and completing my training. I am so very fortunate as he is the perfect dog for me. For the first time in many years I am truly independent. I cherish my independence and always feel happier when I can do things for myself. Every-time Wiley and I tackle day to day things like buying groceries, meeting friends for coffee, shopping, getting to appointments I feel a little thrill that I am doing it by myself.

I was also fortunate to pick up part time work as a speaker for Guide Dogs. I really love my job, I get to talk to people about Guide Dogs and visual impairment as well as train service providers on how they can assist blind and visually impaired clients. I especially love going to schools as children always ask the best questions.

I am really looking forward to more adventures with Wiley in 2013. Each time I go out with him in harness his work gets better. Things already feel so natural and smooth. There are are a few little issues that we are working on but that is the fun in working with a dog.

I haven’t really set myself any resolutions for 2013, except perhaps to widen my social circle. I want to be more open to invitations to social events, I find them challenging but the more I do it the easier it will become.

Here is a photo of my lovely boy taken by a friend over the Christmas break

A photo of my Guide Dog Wiley, Dec 2012

Wiley Christmas 2012

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