Heat Wave and some good work

Where I live is experiencing a bit of a heat wave, for the last few days we have had temperatures in the mid to high 30’s. This means Wiley and I haven’t been doing too much, I really don’t like working him on hot days. His cool mat has been getting quite a bit of use, it really seems to help keep him comfortable.

On Thursday we had a reasonably cool start to the day so I took the opportunity to jump on the bus and head to the local shops. We picked up some items at the grocery store, I was really pleased with Wiley as he took me straight to the veggie section when I asked.

We also located a new to us destination, the chemist. I was given directions from the checkout operator, I gave Wiley the forward command, then after we had gone about 10 meters asked him to find right and find the door. He took me straight to the sliding doors, then found me the counter when I asked.

The prescription counter was at the back of the store so we followed the assistant to the counter. Wiley found me an empty seat to use while I waited for the script to be filled. When my name was called he took me to the counter and then found his way back to the front of the store, he needed a little encouragement to find the front counter where I had to pay for my items. He thought we should simply head straight out the door.

When I had paid I said ‘out we go’ and he took me out of the chemist. I then asked him to find the bus. We hadn’t gone to the bus stop from the chemist before so he had to figure out which way he needed to go, I was going to give him the direction we needed to turn but as soon as I told him to find the bus he took off obviously not needing any further commands from me – what a clever boy!!

It was a very positive outing, Wiley demonstrated some great problem solving and destination work and I got a couple of things I needed. I still smile whenever we manage to do something on our own when previously I would have needed sighted assistance. I am so lucky to have such a smart and willing partner.

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