Ear ouchies

The other day I heard Wiley shake his head, just two quick shakes. The next day he did it again. I cleaned his ears, they were a little gunky but not too bad.

Two days later I heard him shake again and I also thought I heard him scratch his ear. I had a good sniff and his left ear smelt yeasty and when I rubbed it I heard moisture at the base of his ear. I immediately called the vet and made an appointment as I suspected he had an ear infection.

The vet had a look and took a swab from both ears. They diagnosed an ear infection in his left ear. They need it to clear up a little before they can be certain there are no foreign bodies. I have been given some drops to put in twice a day, Wiley is a very good boy and stands still while I put them in, he seems to like the ear rub he gets afterwards.

We have an appointment for a check up in two weeks, I hope it clears up as otherwise he may need to be have an ear flush under a general anesthetic. I am also hoping that he doesn’t develop a heamatoma on his ear flap as that can happen when a dog shakes his head.

I have had dogs with ear infections before and they all shook their heads a lot, there was often a tilt of their head and they either scratched their sore ear or rubbed it along the floor.  Wiley must be a very stoic boy to show so little discomfort. This is good to know, if he ever shows sign of pain or discomfort I will make a prompt trip to the vet.

Fingers crossed there will be good news in a fortnight.

Update: Wiley has now been given the all clear, no more ear ouchies much to his and my relief.

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