An Early Morning Walk

I’ve mentioned before that Wiley and I head out for a recreational walk every morning. Wiley loves to use his nose, when working he has to curb his sniffing but on a recreational walk he is free to stop and sniff.  I have noticed that if he gets regular walks where he can indulge his nose he is much more focused when in harness and working.

As these are recreational walks for Wiley I use my long cane to stay safe. If I am on my own I stick to a regular group of equestrian/fire trails and well formed paths. I know these paths really well and anticipate when there is a drop off, an area with loose rocks, steep descent or another potentially dangerous obstacle.

The other day we had an extra special walk as we met up with neighbour and friend and her beautiful (big) dog Haggis. Although we often meet up on the trail we try to also regularly plan walks together.

This is lovely as it means I can go on trails I have never been on or don’t know all that well.  My friend is very good at telling me what is ahead on the trail so there is less chance of me tripping over something or getting lost.

She can also drive us to locations that are too far for me to walk to which opens up a whole range of new trails to explore. Wiley loves going somewhere new, there are so many fresh odors to investigate. He also loves walking next to his good mate Haggis.

On Wednesday the four of us headed off to Mount Ainslie. We walked a 8km loop that included walking up to the top of the mountain. It was a perfect morning, nice and cool with fresh bush scents and beautiful sounds.  Here is a picture of Wiley, Haggis and I at the top of the mountain. We stopped for a break so we could all have a drink and bit of a rest.

Wiley, Jo and Haggis

On top of the world (or mountain)

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