Coffee with a friend

Today Wiley and I caught the bus into the city so we could meet up with a friend for a coffee. This was the first time we have met up with this friend while WIley was working, normally whenever he meet up it is for a recreational walk.

My friend called me when she could see us, I then asked Wiley to find her. I gave him the command to go left and then left it up to him to take me to her. I could tell he was looking for her and sure enough he did a sharp right at one point and then three more paces later he stopped straight in front of her. He was rewarded with a little treat and lots of praise.

I then asked him to follow my friend as we made our way to her favourite coffee shop. I soon realised he he is happier following someone when they are on my left side (The side he works from).

He happily settled  under the table while we enjoyed our tea and coffee.

When we said good bye to my friend who had to head back to work he was a little distracted and would have preferred to stay with her. A few requests to focus soon got him back on track and his pace picked up.

The walk back to the interchange took us through an open space, Wiley is getting better at navigating open areas, I’ve noticed that he has a preference for following a building line.

We were not far from the bus interchange when I heard my name being called, I knew it was either my BIL or one of my nephews as they call me Jo Jo.  We had a quick catch up then Wiley and I continued on to the bus interchange.

I was really pleased that I only had to tell Wiley to find ‘home bus’ and he took me straight to the correct departure bay. We had about a 10 minute wait for the bus. It was getting quite warm and unfortunately I couldn’t find much shade for Wiley, but I felt the ground and it was still nice and cool. He was wearing his cooling bandana. and  seemed quite comfortable and wasn’t panting at all.

Overall it was a great outing. There was a couple of occasions when he was a little distracted and needed to be asked to focus but he was perfect at the cafe and he did some really good destination work as well as a fantastic job in finding my friend.

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