Great work from Wiley

Today Wiley and I went into the city. When we got off the bus I asked him to find the shopping centre. He seemed to be going a little off our normal course and then I heard construction noise. Wiley had taken me around some work they were doing, he got lots of praise for using his initiative.

Once we found the shopping centre I asked him to find coffee, he took me to a nice little coffee shop and walked straight up to the counter. He then did a great job of following the staff member to a table where he remained settled while I enjoyed my coffee. His work was absolutely perfect.

We then went into the supermarket where I managed to find my way to the confectionary isle and using the digit eyes app on my phone I found some jaffas (I had a craving for them) Wiley was really good and stood still waiting for me to find what I was looking for. I then asked him to find the checkout, which he did with a little encouragement from me.

Once we left the shops I asked him to find the bus, we hadn’t gone straight to the bus stop from this particular road before but we had walked along it on a couple of occasions. I was prepared to give Wiley directions but he obviously knew where we were and took off in the right direction. What a clever boy.

I was so happy, his work today was so good, I couldn’t fault him at all. When we got back home I gave him a lots of praise, cuddles and a beef chew, it is his favorite treat, he deserved it.

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