Giving Directions

The other day I was coming home on the bus when I heard someone asking the driver which bus stop to get off at to get to a motel. The motel happened to be very close to my place so I spoke up and told the gentlemen that he needed to get off when I did, then Wiley and I would show him where he needed to go.

We got off the bus and I gave him very specific directions to get where he needed to go. He was most grateful and happily walked off to his motel.

My friends who are blind or vision impaired often give better and clearer directions than most sighted people.  When sighted people give me directions they frequently point and say ‘its just over there’. Unfortunately I can’t see where they are pointing and have no idea where ‘over there’ is so I have to ask them to be a little more specific, like it is to my right, left or straight ahead. It is even clearer where I need to go if they use something like a clock face as a reference point.

I often ask for directions so it was really nice to be able to return the favour on this occasion.

I had better get going as Wiley and I have a Taxi Talk to do this afternoon.

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