Committee Meetings

The other day the development I live in held the Community Title AGM. The meeting was held at a venue close to the city. My friend drove us there so all Wiley needed to do was follow her, which he did really well.

It was a long meeting and Wiley was getting a little restless towards the end as we were out way past our normal home time. He was a good boy though and remained in a down stay just letting out a sigh every now and then.

At the meeting they asked for volunteers for a committee to run the Community Centre and to stand on Executive Committee. As there was little interested from those present I ended up nominating for both. So it looks like Wiley is going to get lots of practice on how to chill out during meetings 🙂

The first committee meeting for the Community Centre was held last Wednesday. It was held at the new centre which is a short walk from home, it was the first time I had been there so I introduced it to Wiley as a new destination. That meant I gave him very specific directions, used formal turns and then gave him a treat when he got me to the doors of the centre.

The committee comprises of four residents as well as representatives from the Management company paid to administer the Community Title. It was a productive meeting with lots discussed and agreed on, we also got a tour of the new centre which is a lovely space. I was really impressed that each room plus the toilets had braille labels. Hopefully the centre will get lots of use and help to bring residents together.

Wiley slept through the whole meeting and impressed everyone present with his calm and patient demeanor. I think he is going to be a real asset to the committee 🙂

Photo of Wiley lying down and resting while wearing his harness

My wonderful Wiley resting in harness 

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