Windy Weather

I love Canberra in autumn, the crisp mornings yet still warm days. Unfortunately some days like today are also quite windy. It is not that I don’t like windy days it is just that it makes things a little more challenging when I am out and about.

As I can’t see well I use my hearing – a lot. I use it to listen for traffic before crossing roads, I listen for footsteps and the sound of doggy paws or anything else that I might run into or distract Wiley.

I try to hear the approach of my bus so I can signal it. I also use sounds as clues to help me orientate myself. For example I might listen for the sound of china and cutlery if I am trying to find a coffee shop.

Unfortunately the wind masks a lot of these sounds, in particular in can make crossing roads very challenging. I find it especially difficult to figure out the direction and distance of sounds on windy days.

The handler is always responsible for deciding when it is safe to cross the road but on windy days I am really grateful that I have Wiley by my side. He will stand still and not obey the forward command if a vehicle is approaching. Although today there were no issues crossing any roads it was still very reassuring knowing my boy was there helping to keep me safe.


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