Apartment Living

Living in an apartment when you have a large dog can be a little challenging. There is no where for Wiley to toilet so I have to take him out every few hours for him to relieve himself. There is no chance of a sleep in when your favourite boy needs an early morning wee walk 🙂

My place is also quite small, there is enough room to throw a toy for fetch but hiding places for hide and go seek games are fairly limited.

I live upstairs so Wiley can’t see the comings and goings of the street. I try to enrich his environment by rotating different types of toys and chews, plus he gets lots of recreational walks and indoor playtime with me.

Thankfully I have a balcony so at least there is somewhere for Wiley to lie out and sun-bake. I also have some herbs growing on my balcony so he can nibble on parsley if he feels like some greenery.

I sometimes feel bad that Wiley doesn’t have a large garden to play in. But while I was at my parents he had access to their garden and all he wanted to do was sleep in the sun or forage around for food. He would only run and play in the garden if I was outside with him.

My parents have a fairly roomy house but Wiley would hang out in whatever room I was in. It seems that a small house with no garden really isn’t an issue for Wiley, both of us are happy so long as we are together.

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