Working alongside another Service Dog

Yesterday Wiley and I had a lovely time catching up with a friend and her service dog.

We met in civic, I took Wiley out of harness and my friend took off her dogs vest off so the boys could say hi. Then we put them back in their working gear and headed off to the Canberra Centre.

They work well alongside each other and don’t distract each other from their important jobs. They are both black labs and we are frequently told they are a very handsome pair.

Wiley had to do quite a bit of following work as my friend can see so she and her dog lead the way. Although Wiley did some lovely destination work to the lifts, Lincraft, Target and our favourite coffee shop.

At one point we headed off to a nice grassy area and took the boys working gear off again so they could have a little down time with each other, although they mostly just wanted cuddles.

Unfortunately I tripped over at home this morning and hurt my shoulder and arm so I asked Wiley to take it a little slower than normal as my arm that holds the harness was a little tender. He was great, almost as if he knew something wasn’t quite right.

We had a great time but it was nice to get home to rest my shoulder and for Wiley to enjoy a well earned treat and nap.

My Friends service Dog

My Friends service Dog

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