Traffic and driveway work

Yesterday Wiley and I had a day at home. I had planned on walking to the local shops to have a cup of tea at a great cafe but due to my shoulder still being sore I decided a day at home would be a better idea.

On Thursday I hurt my shoulder when I fell and tried to break my fall with my arm. Normally Wiley keeps his kong and nylabones on his mat but for some reason this time the kong was in the middle of the floor.  As I couldn’t see it I stood on it and tripped over.

When I woke up yesterday I was still stiff and sore so decided that apart from our usual bushwalk and wee walks Wiley and I would spend the day resting. We had a lovely day curled up for several hours together listening to a new audio book.

Thankfully this morning I was feeling much better so Wiley and I headed out. For some reason today was the day of driveway traffic. Twice I had a car pull into a driveway just ahead of us. Wiley stopped both times and got lots of praise.

On the second occasion the car stopped but the engine was left running. In a driveway situation Wiley has been trained to not walk in front of a car with the engine going. The driver told me it was OK to cross but once I explained why Wiley wouldn’t move forward he very kindly turned off his engine so we could walk past.

As Wiley had done such a great job with the driveway traffic I thought I might test his traffic skills.

Every now and while we are standing at the curb waiting to cross a road I will give Wiley the forward command even though I can hear a car approaching. He should see the car and ignore my command. He did exactly what he is trained to do and didn’t move a muscle  – lots more praise and even a little treat.

He is such a great dog and every day I am so thankful I get to share my life with him.

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