Autumn mornings and daylight savings

Wiley and I have been enjoying  some beautiful autumn morning walks lately. It is my favourite season, I just love the crisp air.

Unfortunately Wiley is not so impressed with the concept of daylight savings, at least not when the clocks are put back and you have to wait longer for your dinner 🙂

Yesterday afternoon I had to do a Taxi Talk, it was a great class and a couple of students asked some  interesting questions. I love it when people ask questions as it means they are engaged in what I am talking about.

But thanks to daylight savings it meant we didn’t get home until a little after Wiley’s usual dinner time. He was really good and stayed focused on his job but I did notice he was extra keen to get us home.

Normally I feed Wiley within a 30-40 minute window. I like to do this as it establishes a regular toileting time which is important, but at the same time gives me a little flexibility. What I am currently doing is putting his dinner time back about 10 minutes each day so we are sticking close to his normal feed (and toilieting) time. Within a week hopefully everything should be back to normal.

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