An uneventful few days and the joys of technology

The last couple of days have been relatively quiet for Wiley and I. Just the regular trips into Dickson, the City and to the local shops. Wiley has done some great work although he did take some convincing that I didn’t want to go into the supermarket while we were at Dickson.

One of my favourite pastimes is listening to audio books. It took a while for me to get used to listening to a book rather than reading it but now I love them, especially if I am curled up next to Wiley while I listen.

The book I am currently listening to has really made me think. It is about how an EMP terrorist attack on America destroys all electrical equipment, electronics and wipes out electricity supply. Naturally that destroys American society as we know it.

What I realised as I was listening was how much I use technology to help me compensate for my limited vision.

My phone has a screen reader which means I can send and receive texts and emails and make calls. All the applications on my phone can be used with a screen reader. The ones I frequently use include the clock, calendar, alarm, weather, voice memos and notes.

I have also downloaded a couple of applications specifically designed for people who are blind or vision impaired. The first one is called Money Reader, it uses the camera to scan notes and tell me what denomination they are. That means I know if I am handing over a $5, $10, $20 etc.

The second application is called Digit Eyes, it scans bar codes and reads out what the item is. I find this especially useful when I am grocery shopping. It also has a great feature where you can print off your own labels  which you can affix to things that might not have bar codes. You can even buy labels that can be attached to clothes so you can identify what you are wearing. I can read basic braille and I have a few braille labels around my home but the electronic labels provide more information and are easier to create.

I also download audio books onto my phone so I can listen to them wherever I am.

Like my phone my computer has a screen reader so I can access the internet, emails and programs such as spreadsheets and word processing documents. This is so valuable in helping me stay connected with family, friends and the world in general.

I am really thankful I have access to all this technology but it is reassuring that the most important and helpful assistance is provided by Wiley who would not be affected by an EMP strike 🙂

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