A night out

After a routine start to the week the last two days have been a little more hectic.

Last night I was invited to be the guest speaker at a dinner. This is  unusual as the majority of my talks occur during the day. In fact in was the first time Wiley and I had headed out at night by ourselves.

We caught a bus into the city where I met up with one of the group members and was given a lift to the dinner. At the end of the dinner I was very kindly given a lift home. This was really appreciated as public transport is not so regular at night.

My eyes are extremely sensitive to light, both natural and artificial. I wear sunglasses and a cap most of the time, (even at night) as it reduces the amount of light reaching my eyes. Glare, bright sunlight and car headlights can completely blind me and I lose the limited residual vision that I have in different conditions.

Going out at night is particularly painful.  Car headlights, street lamps, neon signs all produce a type of light that really hurts my eyes, so much so that I usually have to close me eyes.

I am pleased to report that Wiley did a fantastic job, the dinner was delicious, the audience lovely and the whole evening was a wonderful experience. I am hoping that we are invited to more dinners in the future 🙂

After a late evening we had to back it up with an early start as this morning I was booked to do a presentation to trainee bus drivers. Both Wiley and I were a little tired, even though Wiley got a sleep in – no such luck for me. Thankfully we managed to get there and back and do the presentation with no difficulties.

I am really happy to be home – Wiley has already crashed out and I am hoping to enjoy a nap myself later this afternoon.

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