A trip to the National Museum

The other day one of my friends, Wiley and I went along to the National Museum. Last year I went there to co-present some workshops for the museum guides and I have wanted to go back ever since.

I had a fabulous time – Wiley’s work was exceptional. He remained focused for the whole visit, did some great obstacle and stair work, wasn’t distracted by anything and was really settled when we stopped at the new coffee shop for a cuppa.

A couple of the museum guides stopped us to say hello which was lovely, I was really pleased that none of them tried to pat or say hello to Wiley and they all introduced and identified themselves as museum guides.

I hope to go back a couple of times a year as there is so much more to experience.

Enjoying a coffee at the cafe of the National Museum with Wiley lying by my chair

Enjoying a coffee at the cafe at the National Museum

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