A trip to JBHiFi

Yesterday Wiley and I undertook a bit of a challenge. I made the decision to do it on Sunday which was good as it needed a little bit of planning.

I wanted to go to JBHiFi to buy a gift for a friend. I had never been there with Wiley before and I know it is a store that is full of obstacles. More importantly it is in an area of the shopping centre I am not very familiar with.

I called a friend who knows the centre really well, with their help I figured out exactly where I needed to go and the commands I would have to give Wiley to get us there.

Yesterday morning we caught the bus and headed off into the city, I gave Wiley the command to find the shopping centre, then to find the lifts. His work was fantastic, he seems to do his best work when it is just the two of us.

When we got out of the lift we were in an area that was new to Wiley. I gave him the commands I figured out with my friend. These included straight on, find left and find right. I was really impressed as we made it to the store with no hiccups at all.

But it was when we got into the store that Wiley really did some exceptional work. Firstly he navigated through lots of obstacles to get me to the counter so I could ask for help.  Then he did some lovely work as we followed a couple of different shop staff through the store.

He stood quietly and wasn’t at all distracted while I was talking to the staff to figure out the best product for my needs. He then did more great work taking me to the checkout – once again avoiding all obstacles. I have never been so proud of my boy, the shop staff all commented on what a wonderful job he was doing.

I was also really impressed with the JBHi Fi staff, they were friendly and helpful which made the whole shopping experience an enjoyable one.

Wiley got lots of praise and a treat while he was working as he was doing such a great job. When we got home he got big cuddles and we played a lovely game of fetch. He is now happily snoozing on his bed.

It is on occasions like this that I really appreciate having a Guide Dog, I would never have attempted to do what we did yesterday if I was using a cane.

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