Ouch and yuck

Wiley and I have not had the best few days. This morning I poured boiling water all over my hand. I was making a coffee and misjudged the edge of the cup. That happens sometimes when I am not paying enough attention to what I am doing. I ran my hand under cold water and put some aloe vera gel on my fingers. It is still a little sore but not too bad.

Warning do not read if you are squeamish

Yesterday morning Wiley threw up his breakfast. Not sure why he did that. He was not off colour in any way, was still running around the house playing with his toys and was most certainly not off his food. In fact he would have helped clean up the mess if he could -yuck!

He threw up in the bedroom, all over the carpet plus he somehow managed to get the edge of the doona which obviously needed to be washed. Cleaning up after a sick dog when you can’t see well is no easy job. You have to do a lot of feeling around to make sure you have cleaned up everything. Cleaning up messes is an aspect of dog and Guide Dog ownership that isn’t pleasant but is inevitable.

Thankfully Wiley had a normal bowel movement later that morning so no signs of an upset tummy.

Even though I was confident it was just one of those things I decided not do any public access work with Wiley yesterday. He has been fine ever since, no issues with dinner last night or breakfast this morning – phew. This is one area where having a cane is easier than a Guide Dog 🙂

A photo of my Guide Dog Wiley, off duty and not wearing his harness.

A photo of my lovely boy off duty

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