Walking, shopping, baking and a new toy for Wiley

It was a chilly start to the morning with blustery winds that had an icy edge. It made our walk very invigorating and I noticed Wiley spent a little less time sniffing and walked more briskly than normal.

Thankfully my little unit is well positioned and gets the morning sun so it is nice and warm inside. I have put Wiley’s bed into a sunny patch and he is having a lovely nap.

Later today Wiley and I are going shopping to get the ingredients for choc-chip cookies. One of my friends in having a difficult time and I think nothing offers comfort like home made biscuits.

When I first lost my vision I lost confidence in being able to bake.  Over time however I figured out that as long as I am extra careful around the oven (oven mitts that go up part of my arms help) then I can still make my favourite cakes and biscuits.

I don’t have talking scales – I just add ingredients until taste and consistency feels right. Sometimes there are disasters but they usually taste OK even if they turn out nothing like the recipe says they should look.

Choc chip cookies - yum

Choc chip cookies

Update: The cookies turned out OK. some were a bit crumbly but they taste great.

Poor Mr Elephant is feeling a little neglected as I gave Wiley a new toy yesterday. He loves getting a new toy to play with and won’t play with anything else for a day or two. His new toy is a stuffing free bear.

Wiley is really hard on his soft toys, Khan my first dog would just want to hold them in his mouth but Wiley likes to toss, rip and chew them. That means I have to be really careful about what toys he gets, nothing with any parts that could come off and choke him. I have found out I am better off sticking with toys especially designed for dogs that like to chew. They are more expensive but last longer and are safer.

Wiley and bear

As soon as the toys get too tatty and unable to be repaired any more I throw them out and give Wiley a new one. I make sure he gets a new toy after doing some good work as a special reward.

* Thanks to my friend who took pictures of Wiley and his bear and the cookies when they dropped in for a visit.

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