Guide Dog Awareness Week: 22nd- 28th April 2013

Wiley and I have been enjoying a lovely lazy Sunday. We went for a fantastic walk this morning, unexpectedly running into a couple of friends which made the walk even more enjoyable. Not to mention the weather was simply perfect. While I have spent most of the morning doing domestic chores Wiley has been snoozing in the sun and enjoying a Sunday treat of a beef roll.

As it is such a beautiful day we will go out for another bush walk this afternoon, a great way to finish off a relaxing day.

I wanted to have a day at home as we have a busy week ahead.  This year Guide Dog Awareness week runs from 22nd – 28th April and incorporates International Guide Dog Day on Wednesday 24th April. (next Wednesday).

Guide Dog Awareness Week Logo

Guide Dog Awareness Week Logo

To celebrate Guide Dogs NSW/ACT are running a ‘Guiding the Way” campaign. As Graheme White, CEO of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT says “While the public generally appreciate what a guide dog does, our Guiding the Way education campaign aims to deepen that understanding so a guide dog and its handler can get around safely and unhindered.”

They have launched a website and are running a number of different public educations events throughout the ACT and NSW.

As a Guide Dog handler and a PR Speaker for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT I love to support education campaigns like these. Having the public understand how Wiley and I work together means they are less likely to distract us as we navigate our way around Canberra. It also means that they know the best way to offer assistance if it is needed

I am participating by attending a ‘Meet the Public’ event to be held between 11 AM and 1:30 PM on Wednesday, 24th April at McKinley Optical, near the Merry Go Round in Civic. I am hoping that any Canberra resident interested in Guide Dogs or curious about vision loss will come along to meet Wiley and myself and ask me lots of questions.

i am also planning a special series for this blog. I want to share mine and Wiley’s story from the day we met up until today including some of the issues we have faced since working together.

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