How we spent International Guide Dog Day

What a week it has been – very busy but lots of fun. Wiley exceeded my expectations as I asked him to do several things that we wouldn’t normally do.

The start to the week was fairly normal with a taxi talk, coffee with my sister, a little shopping and some preparation for our busy day on Wednesday.

My Wednesday morning started with a phone interview for the radio, this had no impact on Wiley who happily slept right through it.

After the interview I headed into civic to attend a fund raiser held by the wonderful people at MackInley Optical. They ran a sausage sizzle and had doggy themed cup cakes for sale. They sold out of sausages and cakes so I can safely say it was a very successful event.

Karyn, one of Canberra’s Orientation and Mobility instructors was there to chat to people about the great services offered by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and the new ‘Guiding the Way’ campaign. We had a table with lots of educational material to give away, including information kits and  Z cards produced for the new campaign.

I had a fantastic time talking to people about living and working with a Guide Dog and the difference Wiley had made to my life. I took off Wiley’s harness whenever people wanted to say hello to him, but I reminded everyone that if you see us and Wiley is wearing his harness not to pat him.

While we were there a lovely reporter and photographer from AAP came to do an interview and take some photos. Wiley was incredibly patient, standing around, posing or walking for photos whenever I asked him. He did get lots of treats which helped to keep him motivated.

After the fund raiser another lovely reporter and cameraman met us to do an interview and some filming. Wiley was great for the filming, especially as I asked him to keep doing the same thing over and over. Once again treats helped to keep him motivated and let him know he was doing everything right. Normally we would only repeat something if he had got it wrong the first time.

After the filming Karyn and I fitted in a quick coffee and then headed to the ABC studios to do a live radio interview.  To be honest I can’t recall much of what I spoke about as I was so tired. I do remember the host was really nice and helped me feel comfortable and at ease. By this stage Wiley was exhausted, he slept through the interview resting his weary head on my foot.

After the radio interview we headed home, but only for long enough to get us both something to eat as I had a Community Title Meeting to attend that evening. Thankfully this wasn’t very taxing for Wiley as he was able to snooze for the entire meeting.

The next day as we were both still tired so we had the day off. As a reward for the previous days efforts Wiley enjoyed a pigs ear treat and I indulged in some delicious dark chocolate.

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