What we have been up to this week

Wiley and I have had a lovely week. On Monday morning we caught up with our Guide Dog Instructor who was visiting form Sydney. It is always lovely being able to chat about Wiley and how things are going.

Monday afternoon we had our usual Taxi talk scheduled. It was a nice class which always makes giving the lesson more enjoyable.

On Tuesday I had dinner plans with some lovely neighbours. I volunteered to bring dessert, after checking the fridge and freezer I decided to make a sour cream, cherry and dark choc chip cake. I made up the recipe so was a little worried it might be a flop but it turned out OK and was a hit with my friends.

Wiley had a quiet day on Tuesday, we went for a couple of bush-walks but the only work he had to do was guiding me through the development to my neighbours (he knows 3 of my neighbours places by name). I wanted him to stay settled so kept his harness on during the meal, he then guided me back home.

Wednesday Wiley and I took a bus into civic to catch up with my sister for a coffee and some shopping. Wiley was really focused and he did some of his best work. As he matures he is becoming less distracted and more confident.

Yesterday we again caught a bus into the city, this time we were meeting up with my friend Sarah and her lovely service dog Morgan. We had a coffee, chat and then she helped me pick out a card for another friend’s birthday. Buying cards is very tricky when you can’t read what they say.

Before Sarah arrived I dropped into Specsavers to have a chat about a job I am going to be doing with them. It sounds like a lot of fun so is something to look forward to.

Today I have a reasonably quiet day planned. I need to drop into a supermarket at some point to pick up some groceries for the weekend. I think I will go to the local shops so Wiley gets the chance to do some suburban work as we haven’t done that for a while.

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