Mother’s Day and an Opening

Wiley and I have just come back from a lovely Mother’s Day brunch with my mum, sister and two nieces. Wiley was very good as always, sleeping under the table while we enjoyed some delicious brunchy type treats.

The only problem was I asked him to ‘up-stand’ before he cleared the chair he was lying under so when he got up the chair went with him. Thankfully no damage or harm done to the dog or chair 🙂

We started the day with a nice long bush walk with my friend and her dog, I wasn’t worried about Wiley being too tired to work as we were getting a lift to the cafe so he only had to guide me from the car to the table inside the restaurant.

This afternoon I am going to practice my running skills with a guide runner. I am a little apprehensive but it is a beautiful day for a run.

Yesterday Specavers were kind enough to invite us to the opening of their new store in the Canberra Centre. We had a lovely time talking to people about Guide Dogs and the other services provided by Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. It was a very enjoyable but tiring day. I think we both earned our after dinner treats of a pigs ear (Wiley) and organic dark chocolate (me).

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