A busy couple of days

Wiley and I had a lovely weekend, on Saturday we went to collect my friends number for the half marathon she was running the next day. Wiley did some great work, ignoring a number of pet dogs that were there and working well over grass and rough terrain.

On Sunday, Wiley, my friend, her little boy and myself went to cheer my friend over the finish line. It was a beautiful sunny day and once again Wiley was great, ignoring all the distractions and waiting patiently as I cheered each runner across the finish line.

Monday was our regular taxi talk but when I arrived an alarm was going off and the whole lower floor was in darkness. There had a power outage so we ended up going to a different room. I was a little disorientated as I didn’t know the layout of the new room and we didn’t have a set up to show the DVD that I normally play. 

I had to quickly change the content of my talk to make sure all the DVD information was included but thankfully I had a lovely small class and it all went well.

Wiley wasn’t phased by the change in location doing a great demonstration of how the follow command works as we followed the taxi instructor to the new room. 

Yesterday we had a bit of an adventure as we had to travel to Tuggeranong to have lunch and give a talk to a local group. Wiley was a trooper and was incredibly focused as we worked in a completely new environment. He happily snoozed in the sun through lunch and then slept all the way through my talk. Guiding work especially somewhere new is very tiring for a dog so I think he appreciated time to have a rest before we headed back home.

Today we have a reasonably quiet day planned just a quick trip into the city to have a coffee and a chat with my sister.

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