10 months together

10 months ago Wiley and I graduated from team training and started our working life together. It has been a wonderful few months, I am so much more mobile and independent now. Mum and dad no longer have to be my pseudo taxi drivers and guides.

We have come along way since graduating. Working with Wiley feels so natural, we are at the point where we can almost read each others minds. There have been some challenging times over the last few months but all the stress, work and angst have been more than worth it. What is really exciting is knowing what a wonderful and rich future we have ahead of us.

There have been some wonderful opportunities that have come our way and we have been lucky to meet lots of greatl people. I feel so very fortunate each and every day.

What we have been up to the last few days

As usual Wiley and I have been keeping occupied. On Thursday we met up with my friend Sarah and her service dog Morgan. Both dogs did some wonderful work, probably the most focused they have been as a working pair. We also had someone join us to take photos as part of their CIT assignment. I hope I can get a copy of a picture of both dogs working well together.

Friday was thankfully a day at home, I took Wiley for a lovely long bush walk and gave him a long lasting beef chew to keep him entertained while I did some baking and caught up with the housework.

Saturday we joined a couple of girlfriends for a very enjoyable afternoon tea at a local cafe. It was a dog friendly cafe so pet dogs were welcome at the outside seating. As it was such a beautiful day we decided to sit outside even though there were quite a few other dogs around.  Wiley was approached by a couple of dogs but he handled the distraction well and remained quietly lying at my side. I was very impressed with his behaviour.

Yesterday was another training session for the newly formed Achilles running/walking group. Our numbers have grown with 11 people attending yesterday’s training. Most are sighted and learning how to be a guide runner.

I was very fortunate to have three guides for my 5km run around lake Ginniderra. They were all wonderful and I felt safe the whole time. At one point we picked up the pace as it was great moving along so fast, not something I can do with either a cane or Wiley.

Talking about Wiley he enjoyed a lovely walk around the lake with two of the members that were happy to go at a slower pace. I was pleased to hear he was a good boy for his walking companions. I missed him but I know it is important for him to happy and comfortable being with other people for short periods. He was tired when we got home and snoozed away most of the afternoon.

Today it is back to doing my regular taxi talk before we tackle another fun filled and busy week.

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