Talks, Meetings and Bush Walks Galore

The end of last week was taken up with a Guide Dog talk and meetings.

On Wednesday Wiley and I went to a lovely school to give a talk to the grade 2 students. We visited this school last year and I was very impressed when I realised Wiley remembered the way from reception to the class room.

The students were great – listening intently and asking some really good questions.

Before we left everyone sat in a big circle.  I took Wiley’s harness off and using a long cane I walked round the circle and anyone that wanted to could give Wiley a pat and say hello. Wiley loved all the attention and wagged his tail all the way around.

I think it is good for the children to see how different Wiley behaves when he is wearing his harness and knows he is working. It really helps to reinforce the don’t distract the dog when they are wearing their harness message.

I was really touched when I was given a lovely card and box of chocolates as a thank you. I am the same as Wiley and treats are the way to my heart.

After catching several buses we got home late in the afternoon. We had a bit of a rest before heading out to an Executive Committee meeting for the Community Title where I live.

It was a productive meeting and I was really pleased that everyone is as worried as I am with dogs being off lead and the lack of safe pedestrian access around the development. Hopefully we can try to resolve some of these issues to make it safer not only for myself and Wiley but all the residents.

Wiley was tired during the meeting and happily snoozed his way through it although I was a little worried as the heaters weren’t working and I thought the floor might be a little chilly. I kept my beanie on.

The next day it was another chilly meeting although this time at least we had a couple of free standing space heaters and I took a mat for Wiley to lay on so it was slightly more comfortable for him. Wiley was a little restless during this meeting occasionally getting up to dig in his bed to make it more comfortable.

It was my first time meeting up with the other committee members so I baked some sugar cookies to hopefully make a good first impression. 🙂

I also wanted to thank the other members as everyone agreed to have all future meetings at the centre which is within walking distance of my home. Previously meetings had rotated amongst the different stakeholders but when I checked some of the places were very difficult to get to using public transport.

It was another productive and informative meeting and I am really pleased that I was invited and able to attend.

The weekend has been reasonably quiet, catching up with friends and family and going for a couple of lovely bush walks. Yesterday mornings 2 hour walk was particularly enjoyable incorporating a couple of decent hills and some great company.

Today Wiley and I are putting on our cheering squad hats as a friend is running her second half marathon. After tackling a 5km run last week and noticing how tired my body was feeling I can only imagine the stamina needed to run 21km!! I hope the weather clears a little as it is rather dreary at the moment.

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