Achilles training session – number 4

Sunday morning Wiley and I headed off to our fourth Achilles training session. I had been looking forward to it as I am really starting to enjoy the sense of freedom I have when I run with a guide.

It was rather chilly and I felt the sub zero temperatures while we did our warm ups and stretches.

We did a few different exercises and at times it was a little challenging trying to figure out what I was meant to be doing. The wonderful sighted guides tried their best to verbally explain the movements.  It was a new experience for them as they couldn’t rely on me mimicing their movements by looking at what they are doing.

Eventually we muddled out way through all the exercises including the grapevine and some interesting yoga poses. At times it felt a lot like playing the game twister as I was told to put my right arm here and left leg there!

For the first time the group had the use of simulation glasses. These allow sighted people to experiences some of the different eye conditions that cause vision loss.

As we had more sighted runners than vision impaired ones some people choose to run with the glasses on and be guided. They said it was a really interesting and valuable experience, and one that should hopefully help them be better guide runners.

I ran with a few different guides and they were all great, I didn’t feel unsafe at any time. In fact I loved every minute of it. We covered about 5km, my legs were a little sore afterwards but I felt very energised.

While I was running Wiley was enjoying spending time with the members of the group that wanted to walk. Apparently he met a couple of other dogs which I know he would have loved.

Although we both had a great time we were very happy to be reunited at the end of training. I put Wiley into his harness and he guided me across the road to  a local cafe so we could join the other members for a cuppa.

Once we got home I spent most of the rest of the day catching up on household chores and Wiley spent his time snoozing on his balcony bed in the sun. I would have liked to swap activities but Wiley is no good at using the washing machine, duster or vacuum cleaner 🙂

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