More than a mobility aid

As hard as it is to believe the one year anniversary of when Wiley and I first met is just around the corner. (7th July 2012). Time certainly flies when you are having fun 🙂

I want to do a light-hearted series of posts about the many roles Wiley has in my life. He is so much more than an aid I use to safely and independently navigate my way around. Some of the topics include:

  • Wiley – The Teacher
  • Wiley – The Student
  • Wiley – The Social Facilitator
  • Wiley – My Personal Trainer
  • Wiley – My Housemate
  • Wiley – My Friend/Family
  • Wiley – My Working Partner
  • and of course …. Wiley – My mobility Aid.

Meanwhile – what we have been up to…..

It has been a reasonably quiet week. There is not much Guide Dog speaking work at the moment just my regular Monday taxi talk. I found out I will meet the new trainer next week which will be fun.

I have had a few social coffee shop meet ups with friends and family – Wiley has been on and off the bus quite a bit this week.

There was also an evening meeting we had to attend, the heaters were on and the place was toasty warm. Wiley curled up and quickly drifted off to sleep. Once the meeting finished I took his harness off so he could say hi to the other committee members who are all big dog lovers.

The majority of the meeting was focused on finalising plans for a residents afternoon tea the committee is planning. I volunteered Wiley and I to do a letter-box drop once the flyers were printed. I will also make a cake and some cookies – hope they turn out OK.

3 thoughts on “More than a mobility aid

  1. I have given a few talks but really hope to get more involved with speaking about guide dogs. How did you get involved and how do you get people to ask you to speak?

    • Hi Jessica,
      The talks I do are all organised through the Guide Dog organisation that trained and gave me both my Guide Dogs. I started working with them over 10 years ago when I got Khan, my first dog. I started doing them again when I got Wiley. It was one of those situations where everything fell into place, I had some free time and they had a position that needed to be filled. Perhaps you could approach your Guide Dog program and offer to do talks for them?

      • That is a good idea. I’ve been kind of working on that, as a volunteer thing, but haven’t had ample opportunity yet to follow up! That’s really cool that everything fell into place for you so nicely 🙂

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