Wiley – My Housemate

I love having my own space but living alone can get lonely and I hate the feeling of an empty house. Enter the perfect solution – Wiley:)

Wiley is a wonderful housemate, he fills my home with love, laughter, fun and personality. What he doesn’t do is hog the remote, make a mess, move things from the places they belong, veto what I want to listen to, bring home strangers or eat my food.

Unfortunately he doesn’t pay rent or contribute to the household bills but having him share my home is worth more than anything money can buy.

Meanwhile what we have been up to …….

I am pleased to report that Wiley’s tummy is all better so we have been back out working in public.

The other day my parents took me shopping for my birthday present – a new chair for my desk. We went to a lovely store where the shop assistants all ooh and aahed over Wiley. I had a nice long chat with them (and the other shoppers that stopped to ask questions or listen in) about Guide Dogs. I handed out a few of my Wiley cards as I knew otherwise people might try to pat or talk to him. It ended up making our shopping trip take longer that expected but we didn’t have much else to do so it didn’t really matter. I also ended up with a nice new chair that hopefully won’t tip over like my old one used to.

This afternoon I am off to Pet Barn with my friend and her dog. Wiley needs some more roo meat and beef strips. I am also going to do some baking as I volunteered to bring a sultana/maple syrup cake and choc chips cookies to our Community Centre’s Afternoon Tea. If I get time I will whip up a batch of honeycomb as well.

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