One Year Today

Today Wiley and I have been partnered for one year. It has been a wonderful and busy 12 months.

We have had lots of adventures, experiences, ups and downs. We have walked many a mile and I have enjoyed countless coffees while Wiley has patiently slept at my feet. We have done over 80 talks, been to Parliament House, on the TV, radio and in the papers.

There isn’t a single thing about Wiley or the last 12 months that I would change ย – I feel so very lucky to have him in my life and I am really looking forward to many many more years together.

Meanwhile what we have been up to …..

It has been a busy week for talks, with a taxi talk on Monday, Probus Talk on Thursday and Bus Talk on Friday. We have also fitted in a shopping trip and coffee with my sister as well as a couple of lovely long walks.

On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting up with another Guide Dog handler team on the bus. We had a nice chat – both dogs were very well behaved.

Today was another Achillies training session and my guide and I ran 7km around the lake. Wiley stayed with the walkers today and had a lovely time sniffing his way along the path.

I am planning on spending the rest of the day doing things with Wiley including a walk, playtime and cuddles whilst listening to an audio book. As an anniversary treat I have a pigs ear for Wiley and some dark chocolate for me to enjoy after dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “One Year Today

  1. Congrats you two!! Sounds like you all have had a great year and are a great match! Hope you both enjoyed the treats!

    • Thanks Jessica. In some way it feels like we started our training just yesterday but at other times I feel like we have been together forever. PS: We both thoroughly enjoyed our treats whilst listening to an audio book ๐Ÿ™‚

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