Wiley – The Student

Just as Wiley has taught me lots of thing in the 12 months we have been together, I am fortunate to have also had the opportunity to be his teacher.

I can’t count the number of new destinations he has learned. One of his more impressive skills is being able to take me to the correct bay at the bus interchanged. I tell him where i want to go (home, Belconnen or Woden/Tuggeranong) and he will guide me to the correct departure point.

Wiley’s repertoire of things (and people) he can find on command has increased dramatically.  He has especially become very good at finding the chocolate aisle in just about every supermarket we go to  🙂

He has learned the subtleties of my body language and he can read me like a book. Sometimes I feel like we have a psychic connection.

I have taught him a number of new commands including ’round you come’, ‘keep going’, ‘focus’ and ‘touch’.

There are a few lifestyle rather than work related skills that I have taught Wiley. These include stopping if I drop the lead when we are out on a walk, only eating chews on his special mat and waiting upstairs when I open the door for visitors. I am currently in the process of training him to return his toys to his toy box – but we still need to work on this.

I get a lot of satisfaction expanding Wiley’s skills and knowledge. He is easy to train as he is willing to learn, loves to please and responds very well to being rewarded.

Being able to teach and learn from each other has gone along to way making our relationship and working partnership so strong.

Meanwhile what we have been up to ……….

Monday I went out to do a taxi talk.  Instead of teaching a lesson as I was expecting I had a meeting with the trainer. He filled me in on a couple of changes and we brain stormed some ways to hopefully improve the retention of the information I am giving the students. We are going to try some more role playing and practical training sessions.

Tuesday one of my dear friends came over and we went for a bush walk and then onto a cafe for lunch. Wiley enjoyed the bush walk off duty but was then put to work as he guided me safely through the shopping centre to the cafe.

Yesterday was mobile dog wash day for Wiley and I had a grocery delivery. It always takes time for me to put away my groceries as I use an app to scan each item to figure out what it is and where it belongs in my fridge or pantry.

Last night we had to go to an Executive Committee meeting – it was a long meeting and went well past our normal bedtime. Wiley did his usual great job at sleeping through the meeting. But when it came time to leave and for him to guide me home he did a fantastic job. It is so comforting knowing he is there wherever and whenever I need him.

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