6 Monthly Health Check

Yesterday I took Wiley to the vet for his six monthly health check. It is important for Guide Dogs to get regular check ups as the work they do is physically demanding so any medial issues need to be identified early.

I have sighted friends and family check over Wiley on a regular basis as there may be something wrong that I couldn’t see, although a lot of medical issues can be felt or smelt. But nothing is as reasuring as a thorough vet check.

Yesterday’s visit went well.  I was told he could do with putting on a little weight so much to Wiley’s delight I have increased his rations. The vet told me she thought it was the first time she had ever told an owner their lab could do with some extra weight 🙂

She suggested I start him on a joint supplement (Glyde) as he is so active and labs are prone to hip and joint issues.

The good news was that his ears were perfectly clean.  He had an ongoing ear infection earlier this year so I wanted to make sure there was no sign of a reoccurring problem.

We had a chat about diet and she recommended I add some raw bones to what I feed Wiley. Other than that she thought what I am currently feeding him is  great. She was impressed with his overall health and condition and she commented on how lovely his coat was.

She trimmed his dew claws and gave us some all wormers, filled in his Guide Dog health record and sent us on our way.

Meanwhile what we have been up to……..

The last week has been a wet and dreary one but Wiley and I have still been out and about.

On Friday we headed into the city as I wanted to pick up a battery for my smoke alarm which had started to beep. While we were there we went to a building to check out the lift system to see if it was accessible to people with a vision impairment. (Disappointingly It wasn’t).

Saturday I did some grocery shopping and a friend dropped over for a coffee and chat. On Sunday we did a letterbox around my development and went on a bush walk with my friend and her dog.

Monday was Taxi Talk day, the trainer and I tried something new with less talking and more role playing/practical exercises. I think it went well and the students got more out of it.

Tuesday I went to visit a friend who hadn’t been feeling well, it meant going somewhere new so Wiley got to work in a different environment.

Wednesday was a catch up with my sister and Thursday was the vet visit and then lunch at my parents. It ha been a very social and enjoyable week despite the weather.

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