Meet the Munchkin

Wiley and I have a house guest for the next couple of weeks. I would like to introduce you to the little munchkin. He is a 8 1/2  year old desexed male Yorkshire Terrier.

My parents yorkie

The little munchkin

Both dogs are getting used to having each other around, I am pleased i have two hands so I can dish out pats and treats to each of them at the same time. I take them out separately for walks and feed them separately as well. I think this will help stop any competitive and jealousy issues.

Thankfully so far it is going well and I am enjoying the company of another canine friend.

Meanwhile what we have been up to ……

Friday Wiley and I caught a bus into the city to catch up with my friend and her service dog. She told me some very exciting news – she is moving into a new group house. Her dog will have the  company of a Guide Dog which I know he will love. I am sure they are both going to have a wonderful time in their new home.

Saturday was a trip to the markets and then dinner at a friends house. Sunday we headed off nice and early to Achilles training. I ran the usual 7km route around the lake and Wiley had a walk with his favourite walking pals. After training Wiley, one of the sighted guides and I headed off to cheer family and friends across the finish line of the Canberra Bush Half marathon. It was a cold day to stand around cheering but we were all rugged up – including Wiley who was sporting his lovely winter coat.

Monday was Taxi Training, I met the new trainer and we continued to streamline our new presentation. I am sure the trainees get more out of having a chance to practice their skills rather than just listening to me.

Tuesday we spent the day at my parents, it was nice to catch up with them. Wednesday was a rest day as I wanted to spend the day at home to settle in our new house guest. Later today I will head off to the shops to post a letter and pick up some groceries.

Yet another busy week – all made possible because Wiley is by my side.

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