He may be small but his personality is massive

What an interesting couple of weeks.

Our little visitor may be small but he is very good at making his pressence known. For the last few weeks I seem to have spent all day every day either walking one dog or another. I don’t walk them at the same time. I need one hand to use my cane and I don’t like Wiley to Guide me as I walk the munchkin as it I don’t think it is fair that he has to be on duty while the little dog gets to stop, sniff and wee. At least all the walking is good for my fitness and waistline. 🙂

I haven’t been going out as much as I don’t like to leave the wee one at home while Wiley and I head out to meet friends etc. We have still been going out to do errands and work but my social life has been a bit quiet lately.

He is still here for another couple of weeks and I know i am (and I suspect Wiley is) looking forward to getting back to the routine of just the two of us.

Here is a photo of the boys sharing a bed …

Toby and Wiley

Meanwhile what we have been up to ……

I have had a couple of speaking commitments over the last few weeks. I had a fantastic time doing a school talk last week. Wiley was the star he usually is. The children really seemed to enjoy meeting Wiley and I loved all the questions they asked.

The new Taxi talk format is going well as is the new trainer, he is very keen to learn and help out with the role playing.

Wiley and I have attended a couple of meetings for the Community Title in the development where I live. I have started to take his harness off at the end of meetings so people can give him a pat.  They are all keen to say hi, but know they mustn’t distract him while he is harness (even if he spends all the meeting sleeping).

Recently I have had a number of comments on how good Wiley is on public transport. Whether we are using a bus or taxi his behaviour is exemplary and I never tire of hearing other passengers telling me how good he is. I am very fortunate to have such a special and talented dog.

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