Off lead dogs – sigh

Over the last week I have been harassed by at least 12 different off lead dogs whilst walking Wiley or the little Munchkin. All of the altercations have happened in areas which are designated on leash. Most of the owners didn’t care that myself or my dogs were being attacked, body slammed, rushed at and frightened by their off lead, sometimes aggressive, yapping and not under control pets.

It is so frustrating and dangerous. The safety of myself and my dogs should not be jeopardised because other people refuse to follow the rules.

The little munching is tiny (under 2kg) so there is a real risk of him being hurt by a larger dog even if they only want to play.

Wiley loves other dogs and thankfully he hasn’t been working when we have encountered the off lead dogs. However I still don’t like him being rushed at, attacked or body slammed by other dogs as it could make him dog reactive. This would have serious and devestating consequences for his work.

I ask the owners to take control of their dogs and frequently get a mouthful of abusive for my troubles. Very occassionally I get an apology but I don’t think they then put their dog on lead.

Sometimes I wonder if taking my dogs out for a walk is the right thing to do as their safety is at risk.  However, they really love getting out and about and I hate to deny them the opportunity to get some exercise, sniff and socialise with friendly dogs and people. If only other dog owners would do the right thing – sigh.

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