Election Day

Today is election day – this year I took advantage of a new voting option for people who are blind or vision impaired. I placed my vote over the phone.

I was so grateful this was available as it meant I was able to vote anonymously from the comfort of my home. No stress trying to find the closest polling location or needing the physical presence of a person beside me (and trusting them completely) to cast my vote the way I want.

Before I could vote I had to register. About a week ago I called the registration phone number.  The lovely operator explained the process. I needed to make a declaration that I was vision impaired and also select a six digit pin number. It was important I gave them a number that I would remember but no one else would know. I would also be issued  with a registration number. I elected to receive the number via email, as my screen reader on my computer wold read out the number to me.

Once I got the registration number I could call back and cast my vote. I waited until yesterday to vote as I wanted to listen to all the policy announcements before deciding who to vote for.

Voting was as easy as registering, the person recording my vote confirmed via my pin and registration number what electorate I was in. He then got the appropriate voting forms and read me out the list of candidates for the house of reps. After he finished I told him how I wanted to cast my vote. (When he go the forms he also got a witness to make sure my vote was recorded as instructed).

For the senate I decided to vote 1 above the line which made things nice and easy. That was it – I had officially voted and my name would be crossed off the electoral role.

Meanwhile what have we been up to ….

It has been ages since I updated the blog. First things first, the little munchkin is back with his devoted owners and is already putting on some of the weight he lost while he was with me. As much as I miss him it is lovely for things to get back to normal and to have one on one time with Wiley.

Wiley had to go to the vet as he started head shaking again. Thankfully he didn’t have an ear infection but there was some gunk in his ear so I was given a cleaner which I applied twice a day. The head shaking has stopped and we went back for a check up today – thankfully he was given the all clear 🙂

I am still working on my answers to the questions posed by Jessica when she sent me a Liebster award.

The weather has been perfect, warm days, cooler nights and morning which make our daily bush walk simply magical. I need to carry water with me as both Wiley and I tend to get thirsty walking in the sun.

I have been doing the normal range of talks, education sessions for taxi and bus drivers, as well as some school and community group talks. My schedule is getting pretty full with four talks on the calendar next week. There is a great mix of talks and I am looking forward to all of them.

I also went to my first yoga class but that deserves a post of its own. Right now I am going to grab Wiley and spend some time outside soaking up this gorgeous day.

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