My yoga adventures

Over the last couple of weeks I have had attended three yoga classes. Two were general classes and I took one private class.

Class One.

I loved my my first ever yoga class but I wouldn’t say it was a great success. Firstly Wiley thought that every time I sat on my mat he should wiggle from his mat to mine to give me some moral support. On one occasion I came up from one pose to end up nose to nose with Wiley. It made me smile but wasn’t so good for my focus and attention on what I was doing.

At the end of the class during the final meditation Wiley put his head across my neck and started to sigh contentedly. I don’t blame Wiley for coming over to me as since we have been together I have encouraged him to join me whenever I sat on the floor – whether he is in or out of harness. He paid no attention to the other class participants but I expect everyone could hear him sighing during the meditation.

I made the decision that it might be best (and fairer to the other participants) to leave Wiley at home during future yoga classes. I like him to occasionally spend time on his own so if for some reason we have to be separated he is less likely to be stressed or anxious.

I got lost at several points during the class, especially when there were several moves put together in a sequence. My friend (the instructor) tried her best to verbally describe each move but it is harder than it sounds. We both did our best but at the end of the class we decided I should have a private lesson before my next class.

Class Two – Private lesson

My second class was one on one with the instructor. This was fantastic as she physically manipulated me into the correct position while teaching me the name or sequence of moves. I became a lot more confident in what I was doing and how I needed to position my various body parts.

I had Wiley with me but as most of the moves we were working on were standing ones (these were the most challenging ones for me) he didn’t feel the need to join me on my map.

Class Three

This was my second general class. I left Wiley at home with a mince and chicken filled Kong to keep him occupied. The classes are held around the corner at our local community centre so it was easy for me to get there using my long cane.

This class went much better than the first, I could follow along and only got muddled a couple of times. It was challenging but at the end of the lesson my muscles felt pleasantly fatigued and well stretched.The meditation at the end of the class was very relaxing and I am sure it helped me have a wonderful deep sleep that night.

When I got home Wiley was happy to see me but going by the way he was stretching I am sure I woke him up. It is nice to know he was happy and relaxed while I was away.

Unless I have a speaking engagement I will try to get to a yoga class every week. I am sure my body appreciates the stretching and relaxation and I like the social aspect of chatting to the other participants before and after class.

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