A Busy week

Wiley and I have had a busy and interesting week. It started on Monday when we went to do a talk to a group of students who are sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy and washing cars as a fund raiser.

On this occasion my talk briefly covered the journey their Guide dog puppy was gong to take and how having a Guide Dog has change my life. Wiley and I did a quick demonstration of his guiding skills and how we work together as a team. Before I left I made sure to thank them on behalf of the lucky handler that would end up being matched with their puppy.

Tuesday it was our regular taxi talk, these are normally held on a Monday but the trainer kindly let me change the day so I could do the school talk. It was a great and reasonably large group of students.

Wednesday was a day at home, I received a delivery of groceries to re-stock my pantry and Wiley had a hydro bath and blow dry. He is starting to shed more than normal, I am not concerned as he did the same thing at the beginning of spring last year. We also fitted in a wonderful off leash romp with his best doggy mate and a nice bush walk later in the day.

Thursday was another work day. This time we headed to the other side of Canberra to give a talk to a group of wonderful elderly members of the Spiral Group. This was a more general talk about my experiences with vision loss and working with a Guide Dog.

When giving talks to a senior audience I always like to emphasize that Guide Dogs NSW/ACT do more than just train Guide Dogs. I make sure they know they provide all sorts of mobility training and each program is free of charge and individually tailored to suit the clients needs. The reason I do this is because age related vision loss is quite common so if anyone in the audience is having trouble with their vision they know they can get help.

Friday we had a very interesting assignment. I was asked to go to the National Museum to brainstorm how we could make one of their new programs accessible to everyone including people who are blind or vision impaired.

I enjoy doing all sorts of talks but I find the ones that are a little out of left field the most challenging and interesting.

After such a full on week I decided Wiley deserved an extra special reward so I gave him a new toy. It is a canvas duck which has quickly become his favorite, this always happens when he gets something new to play with.

Next week is not quite as busy so hopefully I can fit in a few social activities as well as working.

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