The week that was

It has been a cold, wet and  dreary week, we really needed the rain but I have to confess I find life easier when it is dry.

The wet weather interferes with our daily bush walk as the trails are very slippery when wet and therefore best avoided. I don’t mind walking in the rain but stick to pavements. I really missed our daily trek in the reserve.

On one particularly wet day I rescheduled a coffee date as it is easier going out in public when your dog isn’t dripping wet.

We had a couple of talks this week, one was the standard taxi class the other was to students in an after school care program. These talks a little challenging as the students vary considerably in age so it is harder to make the talk appeal to everyone.

Generally I stick to the journey a Guide Dog makes from puppyhood to a working Guide and my experience with vision loss. The students always love Wiley and are interested in my phone which talks (has a screen reader).

I leave plenty of time for questions and always make sure they know not to pat or distract a guide dog that is wearing its harness.

At the end of the talk I take off WIiey’s harness and ask the children to line up if they want to give him a pat. The line is often rather long but Wiley is very patient and will greet the last student with the same enthusiasm as the first one.

At this weeks talk I was a little concerned as I knew the children were sitting close to Wiley and I could hear them crunching on what I assume was their afternoon tea. I asked them to not offer Wiley any of the biscuits and he resisted all temptation and didn’t even look for crumbs (what a good boy :))

During the week Wiley and I had lunch with my parents and coffee with my sister. I really love being able to catch up with my family.

We also attended a Focus Group regarding living next to a bush reserve. It was run by the Conservation Council who very kindly provided gourmet sandwiches and cake. It went for over two hours and Wiley was a star sleeping the whole time, even when refreshments were served.

The weather is much more spring like today, we had a fantastic early morning walk up heartbreak hill. My legs and gluts feel pleasantly fatigued. This afternoon Wiley and I will pop along to a residents welcome BBQ put on by the developer.

Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow, it will depend on the weather. I will have to spend some time working a speech for a special event that I have been invited to attend on Monday. This is one I am very keen to attend as I will get to meet someone I admire very much. (More on that next week)

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