The week that was

Wiley and I have had a lovely week. There has been a great balance of work and fun, being at home and getting out, being surrounded by nature and in the city, social times and solitude.

Monday was a jam packed day, with the walk with Liam in the morning and then taxi talk in the afternoon. By the end of the day both Wiley and I were very tired.

Thankfully Tuesday was a rest day, a long restorative walk up the bush, then housework, some cooking, a bone for Wiley as a treat, another walk and then I headed off to a yoga class. This class went really well, as I become more familiar with the name of each pose or series of movements I am able to keep up better and better. I stuck around after class to catch up with the other participants and hear how their weeks have been.

Wednesday was a day in the city, doing shopping and having my weekly catch up and coffee with my sister.

Thursday I had a couple of appointments related to the hire of the community centre. Wiley and I also headed into Dickson so do a little grocery shopping to replenish fruit and veg supplies. It was a really windy day which makes getting out and about more challenging as traffic noises etc are often masked or distorted.

Friday was another day spent at home. I wanted to do a big spring clean of my little unit so after another long bush walk I spent the rest of the day washing windows, scrubbing off my balcony, wiping down skirting boards etc. I am sure it isn’t as clean as it would be if someone who was sighted did the work but it still smells fresh and feels lovely. To finish things off I have arranged for the carpets to be steam cleaned next week.

Saturday I had lunch out with a friend who was visiting from interstate, we always have a great time when we are together. Nothing is as satisfying as a sharing a belly laugh with an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself.

This morning was Achilles training, I ran a personal distance record and didn’t stop once. My guide who is fairly new to guided running did a fantastic job. He pushed me and I felt pleasantly fatigued when we had finished. At the end of training during coffee time I was able to have a nice long chat to one of the other vision impaired members who is also a Guide Dog handler.

This afternoon I am off to catch up with my family to celebrate my nieces birthday. It is such a gorgeous day – perfect for hanging around outside with  people and dogs I love and cherish.

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