The week that was – highlights

It has been a lovely week here in Canberra. Beautiful spring days but with some rain to keep things nice and fresh.

Monday was a public holiday which meant no taxi talk this week. Instead Wiley and I enjoyed a delicious lunch out with a friend.

Tuesday I headed over to visit my parents. I took their dog out for a nice long walk. Wiley stayed behind and enjoyed a marrow bone on their lawn. I cut the walk a little shorter than planned as it started to rain.

Wednesday I had to spend the morning at home as I was getting my carpets steam cleaned. Having a large dog in a small apartment means that no matter how frequently I hoover the carpets or use my home steam cleaner over time they get dirty. To keep things clean and fresh I get the carpets professionally cleaned every six months or so.

I took Wiley out for a recreational walk while they were doing the work. Once the carpets were cleaned I put Wiley into harness for a trip into the city. I wanted to keep both of us off the damp carpets. Thankfully it was a sunny and windy day so with al the windows open they were pretty dry by the time we got back home.

Thursday was a busy day. I helped out with a letterbox drop first thing in the morning, then attended a meeting with the Boundary on the Bush committee. Unfortunately I had to leave the meeting a little early as I needed to get out to Belconnen to do a talk to the trainee bus drivers.

The talk went really well, the students asked lots of questions which I like as it helps to keep everyone engaged in the subject matter. Wiley performed flawlessly all day.

On the way back home I was waiting as usual at a road crossing at the city interchange. It is a hard place to get across as there is generally the sound of idling bus engines which masks the sounds of other traffic.

On this occasion I was pleasantly surprised when a voice asked if I needed some assistance to get across the road. I gratefully accepted the offer and asked to take the ladies arm. I dropped the harness handle and walked across the road being guided by the lovely person who stopped to help.

When we got to the other side I thanked her and said I often have to wait ages to get across. She told me her friend is also a Guide dog user and has the same trouble as me which is why she thought I could do with some assistance. It really is a shame there isn’t a controlled pedestrian crossing to make things safer for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Today there was another Achilles training session. I was being picked up at 7:25 which felt especially early this week thanks to daylight savings and the clocks going forward.

I ran with the same great guide as last week and once again we made it all the way around the lake without stopping. We even ventured a little further as we double backed to find some of the walkers. We met up with the group who had Wiley. I took hold of his lead and he joined me for a quick run and then walk back to the picnic tables as part of my cool-down.

It was a perfect morning for running and not as busy with other runners/cyclists/walkers and dogs as last week.

Not sure what we will get up to this afternoon – a coffee at the cafe at Watson shops or a drink at Tilly’s sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “The week that was – highlights

  1. Hi Jo. This is Sheena and I live in Adelaide. I have been working with Guide Dogs SA/NT for about a year now. I love being a puppy raiser. My current dog is a beautiful black Labrador called Guinness. He is a lovely dog and it is looking promising that he will do well as a Guide Dog. He is currently 8 and 1/2 months old and is doing well with his training. It is a steep learning curve for me but one that I love. I have had to learn so much but we have good support from our puppy raising supervisor. Just thought I would say hello. It was great reading some of your blog and hearing about the things you and your Guide Dog can do. Learning what a trained Guide Dog can do helps me understand the role that I play in training Guinness and how important some of the training is. So thank you for sharing and I will certainly come back and find out more of your adventures. I don’t currently have a blog but I will come back here if you would like to reply. All the best for the coming week.

    • Hi Sheena
      It is lovely to hear from you, thank you for your comment. Puppy raisers like yourself are my heroes, I send a silent thank-you to Wiley’s puppy raisers everyday. Guinness is a great name for a black lab, he sounds lovely. I am sure he is going to make an incredible difference to the life of his handler the same way Wiley has changed mine. I can’t emphasise enough what a special job you are doing. Let me know if there is anything you want to know about how Wiley and I work together.

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