The aroma and sounds of spring

I have spent the last couple of days at my parents place looking after their dog (the little munchkin) while they went on a quick mid week break.

It was a nice change for Wiley to have a garden to hang out in.  The boys seemed to enjoy each others company which made things nice and easy. I still fed and walked them separately but they would often curl up on the same bed together – so sweet.

I really enjoyed walking in a new area. Thanks to cycle paths and underpasses I can walk for over two hours without needing to cross a busy road. The aromas where I was walking were beautiful – lots of different perfumed flowers and blossoms, some delicious BBQ’s and freshly mown grass tantalised my nostrils. I can only imagine what they were doing to the boys noses. I love how each season has it’s own unique smell.

I also love the sound of spring, lots of birds noises, mating calls, frogs croaking – it is fabulous that even in the middle of suburbia nature is all around.

I got a pleasant surprise this morning when I opened my email to find a  lovely email from the person who arranged the Spiral talk Wiley and I did back in September. He also attached a couple of photos. I asked a friend which photo they liked best and they said this one.

Jo and Wiley at Spiral Talk

Jo and Wiley at Spiral Talk

It was a hot and windy day here yesterday, I have to admit I am not looking forward to summer. To make sure i am prepared I got all of Wiley’s cooling gear out of storage the other day and checked to make sure it is still servicable.

I am beginning to purposely go out with Wiley in the middle of the day. At the moment most days are warm (well warmer than our early morning recreational walks) but not hot. Hopefully we can gradually acclimatise to the upcoming warmer months.

3 thoughts on “The aroma and sounds of spring

  1. Hi Jo! Interesting that you talk about how warm it is getting – same here in Adelaide. We are noticing that Guinness is a lot more docile with the warmer weather & we’ve been commenting that he isn’t as energetic these days which we were blaming on the increasing heat. They do have a thick coat so I guess it is understandable. What is the cooling gear that you mention? Do you have any other tips for surviving summer? We are not allowed take the dogs out walking when the temperature reaches 32 degrees but so far, that is all I’ve been told.

    I’m amazed that you can walk for over two hours in a new area and not get lost!

    Till next time, Sheena

    • Hi Sheena
      I have a couple of things to help Wiley cope with the heat. Firstly I have a cooling bandana, which you immerse in water and then put around the dogs neck. As the water evaporates it helps to cool them down. (At least I think that is how it works). It is nice and small so it stays in my backpack from now until the end of summer. That way it is on hand if it gets hot while we are out and about.

      I also have a silver coat for him to wear. Being silver it reflects the heat but you also soak it in water so it has the evaporative cooling effect as well. It is more effective than just the bandana but a little bulkier so generally it only comes with us if I am expecting the day to get hot. Last summer when I put my hand under the coat Wiley was nice and cool. Members of the public often told me he looked like a superhero dog wearing his silver cape 🙂 You have to make sure you wring the coat out carefully after wetting or it will drip water onto the floor.

      For home I have a cool mat, another product you soak in water. I put it on the tiles and he can lie on it to stay cool. He isn’t that keen on using it unless it gets very hot.

      Last summer I purchased some special sports dog boots which will protect Wiley’s feet from burning on very hot pavements. They are good to have on hand in case you have to go out but generally I stay home during the worst of the heat so they didn’t get used very much.

      Other than using his gear I try to do everything that involves leaving the house early in the morning or later in the day when things cool down a little.

      I also have two water bowls. His normal one and one that goes in the freezer over night. I take out and let it thaw during the day so there is always cool water to him to drink.

      A frozen kong, or homemade ice blog with liver treats or something tasty frozen inside is another of Wiley’s favourite summer time treats.

      I am pretty sure I would have got lost on my two hour trek but I lived at my parents while I was waiting for my house to be built (before I got Wiley) So over the many months I was here I used my long cane to explore all the walking tracks where I didn’t have to cross a busy road. Now they make for great recreational walks with Wiley.

      I hope you and Guinness have a great week.

      • Thanks for telling me about the cooling things Jo. The last Guide Dog puppy we had broke his leg when he was 61/2 months old – we helped him recuperate for 3 months so were looking for things he could do so he wouldn’t be bored. One thing he liked was when we froze some of his food (dry biscuits) in a small container of water – once frozen we would take it out of its container – kept him occupied for quite a while. We already mix some of Guinness’ biscuits with peanut butter or Vegemite and freeze them – it makes his dinner last a little bit longer than normal & he seems to enjoy it. He pounces on it & has a bit of a play with it before he licks the contents out – can take up to half an hour.

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