The week that was

The thing that is foremost on my mind at the minute are the awful bushfires that have impacted so many lives in NSW. My heart breaks for the people, animals and bushland that have been devastated. The last couple of days I have smelt the smoke from the fires here at home. It is a constant reminder of the threat that is far from over.

It also makes me think about what I would do if there was a bush fire on the mountain at the back of my place. I just hope that I get enough notice to get Wiley and I out. Staying to defending my home really isn’t a safe option.

I have an emergency bag packed and ready to go, and mum and dad have all my important documents in their fire proof safe. Along with keeping the area around my place clean and tidy I don’t think there is much else I can do but hope the summer passes without incident.

Apart from the International White Cane day activities on Tuesday (and a rehearsal on Monday) the only other job I had was our usual taxi talk.

Also during the week Wiley had his mobile doggy wash and we went into the city to do a bit of shopping one day and meet a friend for coffee another day.

We have also enjoyed some beautiful early walks, thanks to the lovely brisk but sunny mornings.

Today was an Achilles training day, I ran 7.25km and struggled a little as I have  hayfever which also affects my breathing. I made it all the way around the lake but took it a little slower than other runs. I swapped guides a couple of times along the way so a few differnt people could practise their guide running skills.

Wiley had a lovely time with Chris – one of his favorite dog walking buddies.

This afternoon I think we will pop up to check out the Picnic in the Park event being hosted by the Conservation Council.

Next Wednesday is Wiley’s third birthday – I have made plans for him to catch up with his best doggy friend and also have a new toy put away as a present. For fun I think I might also try my hand at making some doggy cupcakes.

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