Happy Birthday Wiley

Yesterday was my beautiful boys 3rd birthday.

I made sure he had a lovely day  – it started with a nice long recreational walk in the morning, some special treats, a short working trip into the city, then another treat when we got home.

Later in the day it was time to open presents – this year he got a stuffed toy, a fabric frisbee, new treat ball/puzzle and some peanut butter flavoured wheat free doggy biscuits. All the presents seemed to be a big hit and kept him entertained for most of the afternoon. 

We met up with his best doggy pal for a walk in the early evening to finish off his special day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wiley

  1. Happy Birthday Wiley! Sounds like you have had a special day. I think you are well worth celebrating for the special job you do – working with Jo. Glad you enjoyed your day. Guinness is only 9 months old. We went to the library today – he is so good. He always just lies down by the seats and lets me look in peace. I don’t tie him up any more but I do keep a close eye on him in case he wanders – he hasn’t yet. What a good boy! He started limping today – his right back paw. I can’t see anything wrong with it but will have to rest him over the weekend and see how it goes. I am going out tonight (without him) to a fund-raiser for Guide Dogs SA – an evening with Dr Katrina Warren (veterinarian & media personality). She will share some stories & dog training tips & the Guide Dog’s head trainer will also share training tips. Then we will hear inspirational stories from clients about their journey being matched with their guide dog or autism assistance dog. That is the bit that I like to see/hear – it makes the hard work I put in to raising the puppies all worth while. So I had better finish & go and get organised to go out.

    • Hi Sheena
      Thanks for Wiley’s birthday wishes, he got another present last night as one of my friends dropped over with a soft toy for him. It is so lovely how much fun he has playing with new toys. He was a little spoilt on his birthday but as you said he deserves it 🙂

      How is Guinness’ paw today? Hopefully a day or so of rest is all he needs. He is such a good boy lying quietly at the library. It is amazying how often Wiley has to lie quietly waiting for me – on the bus, while I am talking, having coffee or meal etc. So it is a very important skill for a Guide Dog puppy to know.

      I hope you had a great time at the Fund raiser last night, it sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. Did you get the chance to talk one on one to Dr Katrina Warren? I love sharing my experiences as a Guide Dog handler with supporters, puppy raisers etc. I get so much out of being able to say thanks and it is nice to let people know just how life changing working with a Guide Dog can be.

      Have a lovely weekend.

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