The week that was

It has been a busy week, my hay fever is hanging around and I am sneezing my way through most days.

I had a couple of talks this week, the first was our normal taxi one on Monday. It was a small class which I enjoy as the students are generally more engaged.

On Tuesday Wiley and I were invited to give a talk and meet supporters at a Guide Dog morning tea. To say I had a wonderful time would be an understatement.

I was lucky enough to greet most guests at the start of the event, I had Wiley off harness so people could say hi and give him a pat.

After some lovely tea, coffee and cakes I gave a speech about my experiences working with both of my beautiful Guide Dogs. I choked up a little when I spoke about having Khan put to sleep but I kept it together and finished what I wanted to say.

I made sure to finish the talk expressing my gratitude to everyone present for their support of Guide Dogs. Without public support Guide Dogs couldn’t provide their services to anyone and everyone that needs them.

Then one of our wonderful local orientation and mobility instructors gave a talk about the services provided to clients here in the ACT and regions. Afterwards we both answered questions. This is my favorite part of giving a talk and I am always happy when the audience keeps us busy answering their questions.

After the talk I tried to mingle as much as possible before things wound down and we all headed home.

Also this week I had my usual catch up for coffee with my sister in civic, bought some groceries and shopped around for a new perfume to wear.

On Friday I had to find my way to the local Canberra Connect Office to hand in a form so I can continue to go into schools to give talks. I love going new places with Wiley as it clearly shows just how good he is at his job. With him to guide me I easily got to where I needed to go.

I was relieved that there was a staff member at the entry as they helped me select the service I needed and also kept an eye on the numbers and take me to the correct window when it was my time to be served.

Everything went smoothly including getting my photo taken. Now I just have to wait for my application to be checked and my ID issued.

It has been a quiet weekend. No Achilles training this week so I have caught up on some domestic duties, gone for a lovely bush walk with a friend and her dog and spent some time with family. Overall a pretty great way to spend a weekend.

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