Wiley and George the cat

Last week I cat sat for my ex husband who lives in Goulburn. George the cat was our cat when we were together, he is now an elderly boy at almost 15 years old. When we split up George stayed with my ex, he had much more suitable living arrangements for a cat and the two of them had always shared a close bond. They are still very happy in each others company.

When my ex found out he had to go away for a week he called me and we both decided that it would be better for George if I came to look after him in his own home. He doesn’t travel well and a cattery would have been very stressful for an old cat.

I was happy to go to my exes as I had lived in the house so I knew the layout and where everything  goes. I also had orientation and mobility training in the area, so could safely get myself to the main street and shops.

I wasn’t sure how Wiley would go sharing his space with a cat but as he is a laid back and friendly boy  I didn’t anticipate any problems. Also George grew up in a house full of dogs so I knew he is comfortable and non reactive around dogs.

It only took a day before George and Wiley were happy to share a bed together. My biggest issue was making sure Wiley didn’t get access to Georges dry food which he has free access to or his kitty liter tray. Thankfully the front room of the house could be set up so the cat had access but Wiley was safely kept away.

Goulburn is a very easy place to navigate with a cane, although the roads are much wider than those in Canberra so it takes longer to get across. Thankfully this is offset by the fact that most roads are nice and quiet.

When I used to live here Khan was retired so I used a long cane and mini guide for mobility. Even though it was easy getting around with a cane it was so much better having a Guide Dog.

I really enjoy working with Wiley in a new area. We had a recreational walk into town before I expected him to work along the route. I was really pleased with Wiley’s focus and how quickly he learned the new route. It was noticeable how much he has matured and how his confidence has increased over the last year.

As much as I enjoyed catching up with George and spending sometime in a new place both Wiley and I were more than ready to get back home.

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