Baking Shortbread

Yesterday was a wet and dreary day a perfect day for baking. Nothing makes a home feel cosier than the warmth and smell of freshly made biscuits.

I am planning to bake some of my Christmas presents this year. I have bought a range of different containers (soup mugs, cups, trays etc) that I want to fill with festive treats for friends and family. So I figured a rainy day was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at baking Shortbread.

I love shortbread but have never made it before, it is always a bit of a hit or miss when I bake something new. I do everything by feel and until I have tested a recipe I really have no idea if things are going to turn out.  Still nothing ventured and nothing gained 🙂

Post baking Update: Ok, things didn’t go so well. I over baked the shortbread and rolled it out too thin so it was a little too crispy. I also mistakenly used ground rice instead of rice flour so the biscuits had a rather grainy texture. Hopefully the next batch will turn out a little better as this lot are definitely unsuitable to give as gifts.

Next on my list of recipes to try are chocolate truffles and fudge – yum!

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