The week that was

The start of the week was very wet and as there wasn’t anywhere I needed to go Wiley and I enjoyed a couple of days at home. As well as baking shortbread I also tried my hand at making peppermint chocolate truffles – not sure how they looked but they tasted delicious.

On Wednesday after a lovely long bush walk we ventured into the city for a coffee with my sister and some shopping. We went into Supabarn so my sister could find me some rice flour for the next and hopefully better batch of shortbread.

Thursday I headed out to the Belconnen Mall to buy some Christmas gifts for family and friends. It is a huge shopping centre and not one I am overly familiar with. But I knew how to get to the shops I needed and despite it begin reasonably busy Wiley got me to each store without any problems – what a good boy! With help from lovely shop assistants I found the gifts  I wanted. I hope the recipients like their presents as much as I do.

Friday I headed into Woolworths at Dickson as I needed to buy some drinks to take to dinner at a friends on Saturday night. We caught the bus down but I decided to walk home. It was a lovely day and I had just missed the bus so it was going to be a long wait for the next one,

This walk was a new one for Wiley but I had done it a few times using my long cane. Wiley was fantastic, the walk so much quicker and seamless than it used to be with a cane. His road crossings were faultless and he did some great driveway work stopping on two occasions as cars either pulled in or out.

Saturday we spent the day at home before heading out for a delicious dinner at a friends house.

Sunday morning was an Achilles training session, Wiley had a great time with his walking buddies while I jogged around Lake Ginninderra. It got a little stressful as we ended up running through a triathlon event. There were runners and cyclists everywhere. My guide was great, he kept talking to and reassuring me that despite all the people and noise we were fine. It was a huge relief when we finally got away from the racers. It made me really appreciated having a clear path to run along.

Sunday afternoon Wiley and I headed over to my sisters place to have some cake and wish my nephew a Happy Birthday. I didn’t get to have a long chat with the birthday boy as he was busily completing assignments and studying for uni exams. But I did the chance to catch up with the rest of the family which was lovely.

7 thoughts on “The week that was

    • The Achilles training sessions are when I go running with a sighted runner as my guide. At the moment I run about 7km but hope to increase that to 10km by the early next year. One of my guide is talking about eventually running a marathon with me but I am not convinced 🙂 You can read more about the Achilles running group on their website

      • Well, that’s pretty impressive. I know of some kids here in Texas who run cross country for their schools. One uses a sighted guide that runs with her and another uses bells on her teammates running shoes. She now has a guide dog. You should go for that marathon!

      • It is great to hear that the students have found a way to make running accessible to them. Sometimes you just have to be a little creative to make things work – bells on a team mates running shoes is a fantastic idea.

        I am seriously considering signing up for a half marathon and if that goes well will think about a full marathon.

  1. Hearing about Wiley being so good at finding his (your) way through different environments (the new shopping centre & the walk home) really encourages me to keep working with Guinness on his training. He is doing really well but I am a little worried as I was told this week that he will probably be assessed in January (his birthday is Jan 14). He probably won’t be taken in for intensive training until March or even April but the assessment will be in January. That is scary as I feel like he isn’t ready. I know that the trainers do amazing things with the dogs once they start their intensive training but… I hope I am doing the right thing with him. He is the first guide dog puppy I have had this age and preparing for assessment so it is an unknown for me. Still, I love reading the things you do & the places you go with Wiley as that encourages me that I am doing a good thing in preparing him for life as a guide or an autism assistance dog. Thanks for sharing Jo.

    • Hi Sheena
      I can understand your apprehension with Guinness’s assessment coming up so quickly. I am sure the trainers will take his age into consideration during his assessment. Try not to worry too much, I am positive you have given Guinness the best possible foundation for his future training. Come January I will be sending lots of positive thoughts to you and Guinness and Wiley and I will be keeping fingers and paws crossed for him.

      Wiley and I have just come back from another great trip into town. I often wish his puppy raisers could see him in action as I know they would be so very proud of their boy. I’d also love them to see the end result of all the love and time they invested in him.

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